Lyrics to Don't Look Back
Don't Look Back Video:
Somebody said State Street's covered in ashes
I didn't ask for a name, I knew it was you
In your bulletproof grin and your false eyelashes
You took a handful of blood and you painted the sidewalk blue
And they said, they said
You were out there raising the dead
But it looks like you covered up most of your tracks
They're sure they'll find
Something you left behind
But I know you a little better than that
You don't look back

I remember all the rules that you taught me
You said, "step right boy, this city's just a game"
And "stick to the sidestreets, you'll never get caught
But you left me on the boulevard, cold and screaming out your name
And you said, you said
The sky was spitting out red
But I just saw a couple shades of black
You moved like smoke
Left me holding your coat
And I know, wherever you're at
You don't look back

I heard your hair's a different color
That don't change how you look in the back of my mind
The older I get, the more I discover
You stare into the dark long enough
Something's bound to shine
And I said, I said
You left me for dead
But there was never any truth to that
I could breathe just fine
We both know damn well once you start lying to yourself
You're trapped
And you don't look back
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