Don't Let Me Go Lyrics

Michael Penn

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Lyrics to Don't Let Me Go
Don't Let Me Go Video:
I want you to keep a piece of me
in there; right below
your majesty
I may tend to it with flattery
or maybe I'll jump start
counting on a battery
what's right, unglue
what's left, breakthrough
brake up, brakedown
let up, leave town
oh fuck, got stuck
you lose, tough luck
the odds were in your favor
the taste was in your savor
how bitter is that swill?
and it's dragging me to you
don't let me go
black hole
falling in
don't let me go
if I'm wrong again
don't let me go
even if it pulls you in
don't let me go

If you don't you can say
you didn't quit
and I'm likely to be needing it
so sorry but
When I let go
I thought you'd know
how to follow
did you swallow?
its gone
head rush
can't see
this crush
will prove I was unworthy
and what I did was usury
I'm sorry for that too
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