Lyrics to Don't let her know
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Don't Let Her Know (M. McDonald)

I can remain faithful to the thought that I'm disgraceful

When I look in my eyes

My heart wears emperor's clothes I'm carrying a dead rose

Not much of a surprise

Cuz I've always loved you

And I've been careful not to let you know

I've got memories akin to specters I don't know how I expected

To live my life alone

One step forward two steps back again

I got a problem defining a friend

I've got nothing written in stone

I've got things to think about I'll do it by myself

I'm the one who built this prison to share with no one else

I can think of better things and better times with you

But I am too deep into this I don't know what to do

I was the one to walk out don't know what i was thinking about

And now the damage is done

I've had some time to think and instead I had a drink

Well you are still the one
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