Don't Kill Yourself (Thrill Yourself) Lyrics

Grand Buffet

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Lyrics to Don't Kill Yourself (Thrill Yourself)
Don't Kill Yourself (Thrill Yourself) Video:
Never did it occur, the thought, to you
to take a ride, in dad's car, to shine mom's shoes, the bacon eggs juice and toasted bread that should have been delivered to their king-sized bed,
never happened because you slept in, inconsiderate kid without exception;
YOU want a volleyball, you want a skirt stick; never put together a card for mom's birthday.

Doing a cursory job mowing the lawn, taking the batteries out of the only fire alarm; because of that stunt, last night, your house burned down;
luckily you were on a field trip, out of town.

When you returned, the police explained why your parents were nothing but charcoal stains and you CRIEEEED, cuz it was all your fault, but don't commit suicide... have a ball.

(Background vocals: Don't kill yourself, thrill yourself; I like the way you choose to live and not die, I like the way you groove shows your happy to be alive... (and then two three other words?)
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