Lyrics to Don't Go Down To Reno
Don't Go Down To Reno Video:
In Reno town for a few dollars down
you can buy yourself a separation.
And say good-bye to the love
and the life that we shared together.
Sign it away with a stroke of a hotel pen.
All of the dreams that we had
will be gone forever

I can't believe we're through

I won't give up on you.

How can I stand aside
and watch a good love die ?
Don't go down to Reno

stay another night.
One night and you may find

I'll make you change your mind

don't go down to Reno
stay a little bit longer.

Try to remember the day
when the bells were chimin'
picture the clothes that I wore
and I know you'll smile.
Think of the nights when we knew
that our star was climbin'
I can't throw that away

I've got to make you stay.

How can I stand aside...
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