Lyrics to Don't Give Up
Don't Give Up Video:
Adé Bantu: /Opposing to gravity we navigate to maintain sane positions in the same line of time. Vibe with mine as I create references images of goddesses & mystics. Fabrics woven out of this mad mix to face the concrete. Hypocritical moves, lies & fumes, the trials of doom, fake cartoons./The beast is groomed to suck the juice & trick the youth/Seduce the groove banging back in blue. And still my peoples lining & begging for crumbs in quees. So call ypur truce, mock the rules, invent the tools, spark the fuse, cause the riots be on, the shit-stem must burn, voices are one. Reclaiming the loss, the city is ours, in the final confrontation on the street of blood, so heed the words listen closely. For we're destined to witness what is meant to be. Seen Xavier Naidoo: /Fire on Babylon and you'll see Babylon burn, burn, burn/Because the wheels have turned, turned, turned/Cause the Oppressed have learned to utrn to God/Because theier days where hard/Feuer auf Babylon und es brennt, brennt, brennt/Babylon wird fallen also rennt, rennt, rennt/Aus ihrer Falle, die dich blendet/Kurz bevor der Herr sie tödlich schändet/Wendet er das Blatt seines Volkes für immer Refrain: /Don't give up/Don't give in/cause in a few days more/we will win Abi Bantu: /What we've been given shall now be woven/By the incident that brings day light/More than endless lies I shall come and go/More than helpless vibes I shall fling rock stones/More than sleepless nights when the air is tight/And mosquitoes bite we will never give up the fight Refrain Well I'm breaking down barries because the times have changed/And I've come to realise we have to rearrange/A New World Order is in the hands of JAH/For he is the Alpha & the Omega/Wir warten auf Befehle jeden Tag jedes jahr/Und nur der Herr weiss was kommt und war/Keiner mehr spricht echt in diesem Land/Sie werfen nur die Schatten von Dämonen an die Wand/JAH du hast mein Leben in der Hand/Befrei mich denn diese Erde is verbrannt/Burning. Diese Erde is verbrannt. Burning Jah Meek: /Burning Babylon down with the spiritual fire/Burning Babylon bridges down full time you retire/Burning! Refrain Love is healing.

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