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Lyrics to Don't Forget Your Keys
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I dove head-first into water that filled my lungs.
And by the time I got to shore, I needed more than air.
She was a beautiful girl that I wished to call my own, but by the time she had a grasp on me, she wasn't there.

You know, she was an awful place to begin this journey.
Cause the ending turned out to be a fucking fairy tale.
All I wanted was to see her, and maybe get to her heart.
But I guess I was invisible, and that bitch got mine instead.

And I cry, "Oh, oh baby, please. Don't think you're gonna get me bending on my knees,"
And I cry, "Oh, oh baby, why do you think you just won me over by saying bye?"

I guess you'd expect that I would treat her like a queen.
You can also expect stage right, I'll exit scene.
Cause ain't no girl gonna bring me down.
I don't have time to smile, let alone time to frown.

I guess you could say that I'm an honest man.
I was trying to get close enough to hold her hand.
And then she gave her any; yeah, she gave her all.
And lost the rest of her bad habits in a bathroom stall.

And I cried, "Oh, oh darling, wait. You can lead me on all you want with your pretty face,"
And I cried "Oh, oh darling, please, if you're leaving girl then don't forget your keys."
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