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Lyrics to Don't Ever Date A Band Lyricist
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I'm gonna rock out and get through it
Gonna act hard man, nothing to it
Gonna put you so far behind me you're gone
And to do this good I'm gonna shame you
Write a great rock song and I will blame you
Cos I hate feeling like I'm feeling now
And it will be so straight, but not too obvious
So you don't get it but everyone else does
And they'll be laughing, pointing 'what a bitch'
Because you broke my heart in little pieces
Just for your own fun, and maybe Jesus's
Tried to fiegn death but this song is for you

So next time you better love me
Or I'll have to write down what you did to me
Turn it all into song and let my tension rise
So, this song is just for you
Because I loved you, I adored you
But you broke my heart so you're going down
Hope this song gets you down
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