Lyrics to Don't Drop It
Don't Drop It Video:
Don't do...don't don't drop it.

Won't you pass that mic right here
you know i will not fuckin' drop it
so you thought that I would stop it
but i got more shits in my pocket

I say don't (duh don't don't) drop it,
the funky beat (x3)

this is how we kick it
and this is how we do it
this original styles mine
so why would you ruin it
so you thought that G was all washed up
but the ring around the collar is so damn tough
you know I'm not the type of brutha like enough's enough
and what you want to start something
when you start it all
see I flow like the breeze
right down the road
mind my own biz you I find my mother load
I'm getting paid in the shade
for the words that i say
with the rules that i play
for the moves that i make
its amazing just like the boy
peter( ) as white as a cloud my souls deep
and deep gets my stuff
the deep that you did
the best tasting water in the bottom of the well
raining like a thunderstorm
and you about to get wet cause the heat is on
coming up
coming on
coming on (x3)
I'm coming up
I'm coming on
I'm coming

I got the blues brother
like Dan Akroyd
I smoke a lotta weed
but it don't get paranoid
don't freak
I got the flavors like lemonade
my stock is steady rising like I'm on etrade
I don't date a girl with the thunder thighs
I got the mai tai special with the light brown eyes
to make the bread you must have the rise
it pays it pays to advertise
but I won't shove my shit right down your throat
and if you like my freestyle then check out what I wrote

I say don't (duh don't don't) drop it,
the funky beat (x3)

my styles on lockdown
so please don't pick my brain
tongue twister try to stump me
so I broke the chain
breaka breaka one night
you know why cover is blown
so lets fire up this joint on the microphone
see i rock the party hard but the party wont break
said the neighbors were cool, d'oh! you made a mistake
damn the cops are coming im running out the back door
jump over the fence you never see me no more
I'm coming on coming on coming
I'm coming up
I'm coming on
I'm coming
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