Don't Die On Me Now Lyrics

Hostage Calm

Please Remain Calm

Lyrics to Don't Die On Me Now
Don't Die On Me Now Video:
We never wondered if we should,
But only how we made it look so good.
We got nervous and caught up on purpose.
Before, doubt was calling out…

Now it's all falling down
Don't die on me now
Not tonight, not this town
Don't die on me now

Is there a doctor in the house?
Cause I'm about to get on the ground
And save this mouth-to-mouth
To keep the power from going out
Barely living, hand-to-mouth
Stalled and falling out


I've been a hero, and I've been a fool.
And all of it for you.

Blowing on a pair of dice
Fight like hell until
I get us out of here alive

The restless breathe,
The drumroll please,
You've gotta believe…

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