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Kool Keith

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Lyrics to Don't Crush it
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[Kool Keith]

I'm like a freak from Hunts Point, the bronze and the gold

Wear my drawers in tight mode, naked with no coat

Walkin around, I see youse about to lose her

That honey with white boots, and hair like Medusa

Brown-skin fine, I drink her body like wine

and throw the wax on it, and watch two cheeks shine

I drunk a forty, I'm up in here feelin naughty

I like the go-go girl, go 'head work it shorty

I got no time to trick, on the average girl

I'm in paradise, caught up, in the booty world

And for you regular honies, tryin to play fly

I ain't no Chemical no Bank in your human eye

I like my spot, everybody's butt naked

Pump with G-strings, watchin hot momma shake it

I got my beer, viewin from the back rear

Yo brotherman, pass it right over here

I got to ease off the stress, like a eight to five

Keepin it real vexed, them panties wanna get live

Change the pace up, yo Jimmy turn the bass up

Yea yeah yeahhhh

Chorus: Kool Keith + girl (repeat 2X)

Yo baby (whassup?)

Don't crush it when you sit upon it

(Yo baby) whassup?

(Don't rush it when I sit upon it)

[Kool Keith]

I see you scopin me, the fourth time you cut your eye

Left the brother to catch wreck, then tell the man goodbye

I'm next on the menu, runnin up and in you

with seven rubbers on me, don't try to discontinue

We gots to bump and grind, crank up the R. Kelly

Delicious kickin, no leather like I'm Fonzarelli

I order two drinks to think, while you show me pink

Summer Eve breeze and WOO when it don't stink

I'm in the mix, like Funky-master Flex

I'm shootin gizm, then after you can pick up next

I watch you shake it, like palm trees in California

Now you a lady, mature and I'm rubbin on ya

I got my Phantom mask, I'm on the dolo

I slipped in my Tipton, bonin sweetie look like Yo-Yo

She had a good time, knees bent in the chair

She said, "Get wild - I like it when you pull my hair"

I gave her cream, and rubbed it on her black boots

I see a packed house in different color body suits

I'm in the front row, chillin on the down low

Checkin her dogstyle, she's ??

I'm from the back kid, smooth with tons of grease

Denver and Texas, and Cali on back to East

She hittin switches, and watch she make it lowride

Zoot, zoot, zzzzzzzt

Chorus 1.5X

[Kool Keith]

It's three o'clock, the morning shift's about to come

Watchin Goldie lapdance, that grey hiney ain't no slum

I gets my workout, my slickest hand from every angle

She's on the job right, cutiepie sippin Tango

I gotta peel for real, a hundred dollar bill

I'm comin straight up, and not for a breakfast meal

This ain't no Burger King, this ain't no White Castle

Not like some ugly girls in Bentleys tryin to give a hassle

I like the slot machine, bustin nuts mean

Slippery wet lubrication like Valvoline

I'm pullin nylon, yo dead up G, to the side

Feelin soft flesh, I'm hard, I'ma let her ride

Jump up and down, get live like House of Pain

Leavin em so wet, the silk with a tan stain

I reach a climax, she's happy with her orgasms

Go on girl!

Chorus 2X
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