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Lyrics to Don't Believe In Me
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It was Jesus who told me to forgive sin
It was Jesus who told me to search within
Gave me a reason to hold on to these things or just don´t
It was Bram Stoker who told me that love never dies
It was a man, who taught me to empathize
I remember distinctly the day he died so long
but not in my eyes
It was Mommy that taught to wash my hair
It was Kiss who taught me to stop and stare
let's fight the grown ups for ever more
or just as long as you dare
It was Jesus that told me to live in sin
It was the world that told me that I had to be thin.
Ask me my problems and I´ll begin with "I believe in a higher power,but that won´t save me in my final hour"
cause I don't believe,i don't believe, i don't believe in me.
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