Lyrics to Don't Be Shy
Don't Be Shy Video:
Don't be shy
It'll get you nowhere
I was shy
And it got me nowhere
And I feel like turning into a boy again

When you're young
Buckets don't have holes in
Days are long
And summer always rolls in
bowls in
And you feel like turning to the sky and crying
"stay, stay, stay"

And if the truth is what you want
Then things aren't looking good
There've been dreams in my life
But they rot away like wood

In a good year
One or two may come true
But dreams aren't really dreams are they
Once they've come true
They just vanish within you

So don't be cold when a lover calls you
Go to her, ask her to sing for you
Adore you
And she'll make you feel like you're a boy again
For a moment that will pass
For a moment that will pass
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