Lyrics to Don't Ask
Don't Ask Video:
Did I ever tell you about the time I was changed into a rabbit?
That's right, I was.
Changed into a rabbit by the midnight owl.
That's right, the midnight owl.
You don't believe me?
Ask the red fox.
He saw it.
Shook him so bad he ran tucky tail, didn't even chase me that night
And you know he likes to chase rabbit.
How I come to be there?
That's another story.
I was trying to get home, walking the flattire road, when the midnight owl swoops on my shoulder, wings flapping in my ear.
I jump right out of my skin.
I think that's how he did it.
I jumped right out of my skin.
Rabbit looking for a place to hide, he jumped right in

So there I was, a scared little rabbit on the flattire road, looking for a place to hide.
And all I know about rabbits is what I've seen on cartoon tv
Rabbit eats a carrot, but what eats a rabbit?
I'll tell you what eats a rabbit.
Shakeashake eats a rabbit.
I'm there by the side of the road when I hear a shakeashake sliding up from the ditch, a low, slow snaky sound, louder shakeashake, LOUDER shakeashake.
Slithers up beside me, white fangs hanging in the moonlight, poison for my neck
Me, just a little rabbit.
I don't know what to do when a shakeashake moves.
Then I hear the wind whisper...jump little rabbit!
I jumped so high you never saw my shadow land and my heart is beating faster now.
Oh, much faster now

I'm across a field and looking for a hideyhole, wishing I was home in my safe snugabed.
A helzahowl is baying, and the red fox goes running by.
But he's no time for chasing me, the helzahowl is chasing him.
Fox gives a wink instead and then he climbs inside the moon.
I'm wishing I could rest, my heart pounding in my chest but tonight is just for jumping and for hopping, not for stopping.
Helzahowl is on me in the yellow of a tooth and his snarl has got me cornered by the beetleberry tree.
I'm just a little rabbit, just a scared little rabbit.
I don't know what to do when a helzahowl moves.
Then I hear the wind whisper...jump little rabbit!
So I jump into the tree, where he couldn't follow me

And that is how I found the midnight owl who...who...who...sleeps in the beetleberry tree.
I was just a little rabbit, but he woke with such a start that he jumped right out of his skin.
And that is how I did it, see.
I jumped right in.
I flew to the moon where I found the red fox and I can tell you he was sure surprised to see the likes of me.
He winks and chases me once around the moon for old time's sake.
And then I drop him off at six o'clock and he and I agree we would get our story straight.
We got our story straight and I'm sticking to it now.
I was changed into a rabbit, but please don't ask me how
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