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Lyrics to Donkey from Drogheda
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la la la la la la
Ladies and gentlemen, Barnaby Harmlessly productions presents me Tony and Barnaby Harmlessly in the mix on the decks

Stone chilling at the bar, drinkin pints of yop and rum
Leave me dinner in the warmer I said to me mum
The girls were all around, but none of them wanna get with me
My breath is fresh Im looking def, whats up with Tony?
There was a puddin fella at the other end of the bar
Makin too much noise with a wacky voice when you know that Im the star
He was throwin beer mats at me, from the other side of the canteena
I asked him why he is a stupid guy he said Im a donkey from Drogheda

Yeah, he was, theres no doubt about it
Donkey from Drogheda
Barnaby you know somebody like that dont ya?

At the beach I met this girl she said hi my name is Tina.
I thought that was a good name for a donkey from Drogheda
Straight away I could tell she was nothing but a fooilz,
Her bikini was made of corduroy and she wore big welling boots
Her hair was red, her face was red, her large frame it was pale
She ate a dozen 99s and a bucket full of ale
She was so drunk that she couldnt walk to the ladies lavatrena
So she went behind the chipper van the dirty donkey from Drogheda

Break it down, huh, down, huh, down, huh, dirty donkey from Drogheda
Tony theres nobody as dirty as a Drogheda woman

She said she had a secret that told me would sound silly
She could of hurled for county Louth if she'd only had a willy
She?s better than Mick McBlah or even DJCarey
If she had the balls to play they would of been so hairy
As she smoked her pipe and drank her ale and munched her batter burger
My stomach turned when she looked at me and said she?d like to take things further
I thought she said despite your head I?d go bankrupt tryin? to feed ya
No paper bag could conceal a donkey from Drogheda

Yes ha ha yes ha ha yes ha ha
Yeah donkey donkey from Drogheda-say that Tony
No say it the donkey from Drogheda bit
Donkey from Drogheda bit

Back at the bar donkey boy bit off the barmans ear
Spending his grandson?s cattle feed on turnip juice and beer
The barman says act nice and keep the shouting down
But askin nice it makes no sense to a donkey out of town
He was chewin? spanners, throwing shapes and eating margarine
He was the biggest donkey tit that I have ever seen
He had a lisp a pudding head was a drag heeled?..
I thought I?d never meet again a donkey from Drogheda

That wasn?t very good tony
I don?t care
Donkey from Drogheda
Ho ha
That was good
Ho ha
Getting good
Ho ha
Donkey, donkey from Drogheda
Now say that tony

Wheres Drogheda Barnaby?
It?s up there, full of scum
Like Carlow, remember that place I told you about? Carlow
It?s a little bit lower than Drogheda but they?re all donkeys
They are donkeys from Drogheda
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