Lyrics to Dondante
Dondante Video:
In a dream I saw you walkin, like a kid alive and talkin, that was you.
In the classroom you were teachin, on the streets you were policing that was you.
To the one I now know most, I will tell them of your ghost like a thing,
that never, ever was.
And all that ever mattered will some day turn back to batter like a joke.
Behind thin walls you hid your feelins, take four legs to make a ceilin like a thing.
In a dream I saw you walkin, with your friends alive and talking, that was you.
Well I saw it in your movement, and even though you never knew it.
Well, I knew, just how sweet it could be, if you'd never left these streets.
You had me worried!
So worried, that this would last...
But now I'm learning, learning that this will pass...
Songwriters: JIM JAMES
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