Lyrics to Don Alfonso
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Now I'm A ToreadorI Am For SureI Kill Bulls By The ScoreAnd Sometimes MoreAnd When They Hear The Bell RingInside The BullringThe Bullocks All Start TremblingThey Know I'm Coming[REFRAIN]I'm Don AlfonsoSome Call Me PedroBut That Is Not SoI'm Don AlfonsoI Fought Bullocks Out In Sunny SpainOut In Sunny SpainI Fought Bulls In The SunshineAnd I Fought Them In The RainI'm Don AlfonsoI Work For OxoAnd All The Bullocks Are Afraid Of MeOh My Sword I PullKill Si BullYes Sir Yes Sir Three Bags FullThen We Have Steak And Chips For TeaI Met A Sweet SeñoraIn BarcelonaHer Christian Name Was MonaShe Was Thumbs Up BonaShe Told Me She Was SingleThat Made Me TingleMy Heart Went Jingle JingleI Said: Let's Mingle[REFRAIN]I Fight Bulls Every SundayAnd Sometimes MondayAnd When I Fight On SundayWe've Cold Meat MondayWe Have Meat Hash On TuesdaySometimes Hashed WednesdayWe Don't Eat Meat On FridayWe Wait Till Sunday[REFRAIN]

Songwriters: OLDFIELD, MIKE
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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