Lyrics to Doin It
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Aiiyo what good is all the guns and techs
And dumbs respect to keep your sons in check
If your cash don't come correct?

Yeah I agree G
Cause most niggaz got ghost figures
In 3-D and still can't see me

True, but people tend to get very jealous
When I got the Perry Ellis, but get the skelly when I'm buried fellas
And kids look at me, they crew be stressed
They thinking yo "He do be fresh"
Making more deliveries then UPS
But those that schemers used to diss me when I was a dreamer
But now I pack the nina when my crew is in the beamer

Yo they used to think I was psycho
Cause I put the juice container in my bike to make it sound like a motorcyle
But now, I could afford a Ninja
I could even afford a Lex with all the trips to and from Virgina
See I'm all about cash profits
Expensive objects like tag watches
And bagging chickenheads in "Snack Boxes"

Cause I'm a plagarist that always pulls his razor quick
And keeps the flavor chicks that got North Faces to Avirex
I only know the fresh way, and on a stress day
I killed some Esses in Timbs and Peppes
Got guns for lead play

I like to flash jewels, to the cops
to stash tools, made a lot of fast moves
So I can get +Cash Rules+

+Everything Around Me+

Extort me? Now how that sound B
I'm down with a pound that put rounds in clowns G
At the dice game, I keep the clean bank
Four foxes, clean gank, I ain't having nothing to be frank

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Baby Doin It
Saturday, Sunday, a weekend thing
You know that we Doin It
I'll Time for Doin It (Hey) [x8]

18 I'm depressed, only dream of success
I want C.R.E.A.M. to invest, I want a Beamer and Lex
Now I never was broke, when I was out measuring coke
Still I treasure my smoke, bought hoes leathers and ropes
I lost several men, in the borough and
I was out in Baltimore Maryland, trying to flip some herion
I sold bags of dust, I needed cash and plus
Dash Deluxe all we really had was us
I don't have to tell of fib, where I dwell and live
Bout what my fellas did
Homicide notify your relatives

Sometimes I lounge in the crib, on the dolo for delf
Ain't combining my wealth, but sometimes I find myself
Wakin up in champagne shaped bathtubs, sippin some Alize
With a girl named Fay', giving me back rubs
Screaming she love but a Blood ain't a lady lover
I got brothers, baby mothers, on my mine just like latex rubbers

And I don't mess with hicky bringers
But I stuck a few tricky swingers
And had the girls screaming loud as Sticky Fingaz

Ha, I like dimes I don't prefer the chickens
Chicks I'm known to stick them and leave 'em drippin wet like murder victims

Yo to me, women be crazy loyal
Some say that I may be spoiled
Cause I get rubbed down all day with baby oil
I hit you while your man is high
You be like damn his vibe, damn this guy
He had me open like I drink some Spanish Fly
I'm into nicks and hits...and a
Flicks to slicks, see the guys get stuck
But the chicks I stick

(Doin It)
(Doin It)
(Doin It)
(Doin It)
(Doin It)
Dame Dash
(Doin Iiiitttt)
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