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Lyrics to Dogstory
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Something's gonna happen I can feel it in the air
My master's going for a walk and I'm gonna be there
It's too late for the beach so we'll definitely walk the park
I'm really looking forward so I jump around and bark

One block before the park I raise my ears I hear some noise
We're not going for a walk he's gonna meet the boys
They're gonna do their drinks and drugs and that's nothing for me
Another wasted night and I can't sniff around the trees

I've got to face a heavy night
Find my way in the crowd
No way I can lie down and rest
The music's way too loud
There's broken bottles everywhere they cut and make me bleed
I wish they'd have dog aspirin cause that's just what I need

My master's had a good time he's got a funny talk
We try to find the way out but he can hardly walk
I guide him through the city now that's alright for me
But when we're home he falls asleep and I still got to pee

Oh no not the punks again
Always with their amps on 10
Don't they know I hear 7 times more
I wish they had left me at home
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