Lyrics to Dogface Go
Dogface Go Video:
Fuck your judgment, I'll make the judgements
I am like Judge Dredd, baby I'm above this
Figurative and literal, this is so pivotal
Now I'll explain why the games so difficult
I'm not just a rapper, not an employee
Put me in the box, if you want to annoy me
I will destroy that box like I did ya mom's
I keep dropping bombs, baby call me shock and awe
Cause I'm cold, awesome, keep on flossing
Fuck these songs I got more, I'll toss em'
Boss em', trade em' garnish their wages
Treat em' like a stray dog, get them spade
You got neutered, I'm outlandish
I don't need eyes to see I'm outstanding
Write it, fuck it, and do it live
You pull the trigger of a gun, and to Bill 'O Ri'
Cause you're stupid, brainless, you got no patience
You make a martyr out of that assholes face
And you got big problems, you can't solve em'
Wall Street's gone and the guns keep popping
Bodies keep dropping, civilized cities turn to vacant lots, and start sprouting crops, like
I am legend, and my phazer's off "stun"
With the second amendment because my Uzi weighs a ton
There's a zone, I found it, a beat, I pound it
Biggest damn fish in the pond, I'll drown him
I'm talking shit, now I got a good reason
The world got stabbed and it won't stop bleeding
Seething, like the hot water in the kettle I'm a
Heathen, but I'm not believing in the metal
And I'm staying put till we figure out some shit
No revolutionary, but I read about some shit

I go numb
I read Howard Zinn
While I take a shit
And then I call it quits

I go numb
I watch the daily show
And talk some shit on Palin
And while the countries fail

I go numb
I say fuck insurance
I'm a monster-saurs
Might as well ignore it

I go numb
I don't need a damn gun
Got a weapon on my neck and it's about to go dumb

Release therapy, when I dump on the beat
I'm punk on the beat, with my dunks on my feet
Pop shit, no question, keep them guessing
"He's so nice, why he keep stressing?"
"He's so sick, send him a blessing"
Keep on sneezing, pass infection
Gas is precious, ask the Texans
When recess is, I need breakfast
We all use their Petro
Fuck that metro, I just jet home
On the shoelace express, with a bin full of goodies
I am dressed for success, in a black t-shirt
And a black bandanna
Quiet revolution from the kids who can't stand ya
Pull the hearing aids out, call it bad manners
But we still sound loud, so they pull them hammers
Your carcass is war-kissed from left to right
Divisions cause attrition no one left to fight
Common sense left the building, to best your night
And your base just stole home just to test your might
Town halls getting physical, situation critical
People from the bottom to the top getting ridiculed
Can't get rid of you, morphine is more fun
Cut funds, add guns, now we got a ritual
Glass looks pitiful, empty as shit
Optimism left town with the [?] hit
Underground eugenics, pop up the new aesthetic
Don't fit, nondescript, so you grab that weapon
Natural selection, goes for the aggressors
Cannibals eat the left, so meet the new progressives
Prep for Armageddon, turn yourself into a weapon
No immunity, communities fall off from the oppression

I go numb
I read Howard Zinn
While I take a shit
And then I call it quits
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