Lyrics to Dogchild
Dogchild Video:
Sticky leather and wedding bells
Relieving happy Holly of her lotus cells
Idle daughters, faceless lovers
I'll find love where vulture hovers
I know that itchy trigger finger's waiting for some voodoo
Take your ass to the countryside and bag yourself some moo-moo
Daisy thinks she's hot the way she make her tail sway
I'll show that bitch what's hot with my uzi and my AK
A million stupid cows just praying for a drive-by
An rpg up a bovine butt will make those T-bones fly
The first absolute has a damaged section
The awful truth of a rodent erection
Prima donna's pink cocoon, bridal leakage prism tune
We will increase beneath your heat
Sadly missing, badly pissing
Away our family time spent fishing
He arrived in Lullaby Land today
And his wife will be here by Sunday
Butterfly demon descend from hiding
Laughing heathen kiss the lightning
Pheromones of rodent war will drift away to every shore
Mary Kay lady, Teenage whore
Leisure time, Forevermore
We will increase beneath your heat
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