Lyrics to Does He Know
Does He Know Video:
does he know, can he feel
the something outside of the blue
like the sun shining bright
he surrounds me with warmth and rapture

does he know, whats begun
the moment he came into view
in my heart i just knew
i knew that he was the one

cause when i'm in the dark, can he see me
and when i'm all alone, can he reach me
listen to the way my love, each beat is so revealing
each sound that my heart makes
whens (when he's) around me
can tell you how i feel, racing inside
causing me to loose my mind
oh does he know the sound of my heart

does he know, in my heart
that deep down inside i've fallen
does he feel what i do
oh can he feel this way too


la la la, la la la
la la la la la la la
la la la, la la la
la laa la la la la

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