Does Anything Matter Lyrics

Ken Hensley

From Time To Time

Lyrics to Does Anything Matter
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Once was a boy from Dubrovnik
Who insisted on pissing in public
When asked for his reason
He said it's the season
For farting and changing the subject

Did you ever meet the kind of a lady
She lives her whole life
Saying maybe
Running here and there
As she pleases
Not a thought for the people
She teases

Though she never
Thinks of settling down
She'll spend time
Turning your head around
But don't let your heart start dancing
The lady don't waste
No time romancing

Are you mine or are you
A woman of the world
Are you really so different
Fom all the other girls
Do you care that I care
About the things that you do
Does anything matter to you
Does anything matter to you

Once in a garden of glory
Someone sowed
The seeds of this story
And the whole thing began
With a woman and a man
And still it's something
No one understands

What I wanna know is
Does anything matter to you ...

Does anything at all matter to you
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