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Lyrics to Doctor In The House
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Standing on the side of the road
Crowd is passing by
But I can only hear them
See I'm blind in both eyes
So I'm yelling at the top of my lungs
Somebody help me now
They brought a Man before me
And I didn't know how

He could make a difference
And was it gonna hurt
The next thing I know
He was spitting in the dirt

Is there a doctor in the house

They said I'd never walk again
I was flat on my back
I got carried to a meeting
Oh, but the place was packed
So my friends cut a hold in the roof
And they lowered me on down
Right in front of the Man
Who was the talk of the town

I had nothing to looes
I wondered what he'd say
He pointed to my stretcher
He said to throw that away

Is there a doctor in the house

When the pain won't go away
I get on my knees and pray

In my condition
I need a Great Physician
The One who knows how I was made

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