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Lyrics to Do You Wanna Be An Mc?
Do You Wanna Be An Mc? Video:
Do you wanna be an MC
Ask yourself, ask yourself, ask yourself

[Verse 1]
Ask yourself this question
Do you want to be
One among the few and chosen
The title of MC
Is harder to achieve than many wanna believe
Been deceived in perceiving this MC-ing with ease
Please, paying dues without collecting fees
Until your time to shine
You probably rhymin for free
In places otherwise you wouldn't go
Unconcerned faces recognize you as the average Joe
With no release date
You get the least consideration
For crowd participation
The people, they've been waiting
For the hottest sensation
With a rep and credentials
Not someone abusing overused instrumentals
Sounding like you never rocked a mic
A single day in your life
Realizing that you're really not quite as tight
As your boys made you think you are
Wanna be MC superstar
But you're far from the truth
The proof is in the lack of applause
And a pause
Followed by immediate discharge
The public at large
Is calling you a fraud
This is what you gotta take to heart

Do you wanna be an MC
Ask yourself, ask yourself, ask yourself

Believe me
The rhyming part is easy
But in this game
It gets greasy
You're looking for the bread
But dough here is measly
MCs be seeing their CDs as frisbees
Need be finding something better with their lives
Too many rappers sound alike on the mic
Mic here to shed light
D be my witness
Ain't no money in this
If you ain't handling business
Even if you sign the dotted line
You may find
That the rhyme that you say is mine
cause u never mind the fine print
'Cause the heaven sent gift you got
You gave away
To a label for a short term thrill
Got gypped on your own skill
Just to sign a deal
Sort of ill
Your bonus looking more like a bill
Yet and still
Goes another brother falling off the cliff
Once an MC
Now the driver of a forklift
It ain't where you're from
Or where you're at
It's about who you know
And who did your track
Take a step back
And look at what you made
Now who's the last one to get paid?

Do you wanna be an MC
Ask yourself, ask yourself, ask yourself
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