Lyrics to Do What'cha Do
Do What'cha Do Video:
[Kangol Slim]
Hey Mami
Pop it when you wiggle, move your body
Shake it up on the floor got attention from everybody
Pop it! Twerk it!
Come on baby work it!
If you back that thang up on me, look I'ma serve it
Bend it over like ya back broke
Look at her she bout to go
Shake it up for South Coast
Bounce it like a six four
Baby shake it for me
Bounce it up for P-N-C
Shake and pop for me!
C'mon now won't you shake that Mami!
Work that Mami!
Love it when you hit the floor and you shake that body!
Where all my niggas that like to keep the club crunk?
And smokin' that fire skunk with P-N-C and get drunk
And you know that P-N-C gone represent
South Coast, keep on droppin' Platinum hits
Got somethin' if you haters want to trip
So all my niggas tell them hoes hit the floor and make it bounce to this

[Kangol] Ain't nothin' wrong with your back girl
[Meanor] Do what'cha do!
[Kangol] Bend it boy, in effect girl
[Meanor] Do what'cha do!
[Kangol] C'mon hustle and shake it round the World
[Meanor] Do what'cha do!
[Kangol] C'mon and shake and pop for me!
C'mon, now bend it over like yo back broke
[Meanor] Do what'cha do!
[Kangol] You shakin' it up for South Coast
[Meanor] Do what'cha do!
[Kangol] Niggas hit the floor get behind a hoe
[Meanor] Do what'cha do!
[Kangol] And tell her shake and pop for me!

[Mista Meanor]
When made this one for the niggas and the bitches to buck
It's bananas, everybody tearin' shit up
They got hoes backin' it up, niggas actin' up
See the party don't stop til' ya had enough
What'cha know about catchin' the wall, walkin' the dog?
With a real nigga standin' behind ya, breakin' ya off
Done been around the World but seen nothin' like y'all
Freshened up with big balls I'd love to hit y'all
Could make the bed rock like we're the Flintstones
C'mon, let a nigga hit'cha it's a stiff bone
Goin' round to my crib now, I gots to get home
I'm like Biggie you can just call me dead wrong
I wish my nigga P was here to see it all happen
He loved money, loved women, and he loved rappin'
My cousin Fatman, Wodie he just came home
So from a real nigga keep ya fuckin' head strong


[Kangol Slim]
I made this jam for my niggas niggas
Bitches bitches
Throw yo hands up in the air if ya wit me
My niggas niggas
Bitches bitches
Throw yo hands up in the air if ya wit me
If you up in the club niggas tearin' it up and
If you smokin' on somethin' tell niggas to light it up
Tell the ladies back it up
If you a thug, then bump
Throw yo sets in the air
Represent and don't give a fuck

[Mista Meanor]
Since I'm here hit the dance floor and Do What'cha Do
It's an nighter baby we can go there to
Bayou Boy got yo broad straight catchin' the wall
De'Jon and Lil ' All got 'em takin' it off
They got Del and ??? plus they sendin' 'em back to
The 13th Chuck can't forget about Mac
South coast thang we gone keep it jumpin'
P-N-C in yo town we gone keep it bumpin'

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