Lyrics to Do What I Do
Do What I Do Video:
Do you ever wonder what we're here for?
Do you think it ever crossed your mind?
If you could just get out and see more
You never know what you might find

No satisfaction in your bedroom
The walls are slowly closing in
You keep holding if you want to
You probably gotta whole list and your thinkin'

And if you only knew what I've been going through
Maybe then you'll see that you don't, see that you don't

Do what I do
What I do
What I say
What I say
What I know
What I know
What I pray
What I pray
I lived my whole life just doing what I do
And I don't need anybody like you

And so I feel closer all the time
Well thats a feelin' space, and thats is mine
I push away but to know I'm there
And you just come back what I know is there
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