Lyrics to Do It
Do It Video:
Prod. By Shortfyuz

Let me give yall a couple pointers man
Do the hustle!
Show you how to do this son

Don't let me tell you how to shine kid
Get on the bus like I did, 20h miss round trip
Get on yo grind and rhyme until you can't spit
Just don't stop, pretend you raised the eye lids
Your buster science, trust me if you apply it it works
It's just free knowledge for what it's worth
Design you a little mixtape, make sure yo shit is flawed
Do it, now fore you run out of time
See a lot of dudes sick with the rhyme
But instead of hustling they talent they just sit and they whine
Me, I'm made from a different design
For the shine I just do it
Man and I'll never look back
I'm a H-U-S-T-L-E-R, hustler
Used to hustle work and now I hustle percussion
Bass lines drums, keyboards and cuts
And limits that you could fail in yo soul, I'm on the go

Yea man, just so yall know
Me and my man Term did like 40 crunches in the last year man
Yall need to step that grind up man
Get yo hustle right, you know what I mean?
ST's out

Ayo I grind like Russell Simmonds, hustling since the beginning
And I ain't gon stop until I'm counting millions
You got ahead of it then be drive and be consistent
Stay on that mission, spit and be persistent
Make sure you listen up
‘Cause you don't know it all
Get yo shit in the stores, deep in every mall
You gotta settle for cheap for you to get him off
8$ a pop, it's still gwap
See I press my own CD's, make my own stickers
Promo on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter
I know I'm blowing up but I stay humble in the mirror
I (do it), 3 mixtapes with J Dealer
And I drop a new album every year in the game
Switch labels, switch flows but the feeling's the same
I'm killin it mane, got the crowd feeling the same
Cause I (do it) and that's how I got my name
It's Ology
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