Lyrics to D.I.Y.
D.I.Y. Video:
So tired to bleed and to feel nailed to the wall, since when do indie labels act like majors?
"You better do this but you you gotta pay. Trust me I will open your way. Just write me a hit, a sweet melody, a clean sound. As catchy as you can, but please not too loud. Now punk rock got standarts, no matter what you say. Please keep your rage far away."
I pull out nauls from the wall. I prefer falling down to feeling ridiculous. I still feel a reason to fight, 'cause I've always trusted in D.I.Y. I'm getting proud as time goes by, 'cause your bullshit won't feed my mind. I can look proudly at my soul, 'cause if I'm wrong I'm wrong alone. I've always done it for myself, for my band and for no one else, because passion never lies, instead money makes you blind. It's useless for you to show me a the door. Your words are getting me annoyed and bored. I Won't be part of such a shame!

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