Lyrics to Divided We Stand
Divided We Stand Video:
Last night I, piled into the van, drove far away with all my best friends. Pushed your image out as we were driving by your house, so I'll say tonight's my night to forget... you. As for now, I'm fine on my own. Ripping through the stop signs, thinking that this life full of regrets must be the worst kind. Remembered all the times we crossed those double yellow lines, crashed and woke up broken on your bad side... again. As for now, I'm fine on my own. Lookin out the window at the night sky watching all the cars fly by but I feel just fine and, trying everyday to let go of all the things I couldn't call my own. Staring into oncoming headlights the empty words you said last night were twice as blinding. Trying everyday to let go of what I wish I didnt have to know. And you couldnt begin to understand the way I feel with my life in my hands. And I cant begin to tell you, everything that I went through just to be let down. The life you led, everybodies on our side so just turn your head. Forget you and your last chance, now you know exactly where we stand.

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