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The cosmos creation
The God of all temptation
Existence, the living
Our God is not forgiving

We'll vanish in time
For living in this crime
He won't forgive
He won't forget

We've gotta do something
Or we'll end up with nothing
It's as simple as math (?!)
Time Paradox


Finally comes the day
When we see everyone pay!
Take a look at your clock
Two more hours 'till the shock!

One more hour, start to pray
Pray to see another day
It won't work, everyone dies!
Look at this, how time flies!

I'm a man, let's barbecue!

Look at him who murdered eight
Fueled by idiocy and hate
Now he's begging for his life
Should have thought about it twice

Look at her who was a liar
Now you see her head on fire
What you're getting in return
You deserve it bitch, now burn!

Look at them, who did nothing at all...
They're dying... They're dying...
By the hands of who...

Divided by zero
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