Diva Leaves Me... (In My Loneliness) Lyrics


Tales Of The Woods... Thus Was Written

Lyrics to Diva Leaves Me... (In My Loneliness)
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When the crimson sun sets behind the last horizon
And the cold moon rises from its diamond throne
When the screech of the crows get calm in the depth of the night
And the eyes of wolves shine through the dark

Along with the marvelous spell of coloured autumn
From the dust and leaves the memories awake
Lugubrious silence hides within the deepest woods
Nothing to hear but a howling wind among the trees

At the million drops of the morning dew
Beneath the midnight stars blazing red
Beyond the whisper of the rain my mind flew
Where the tenebrous clouds sleep in a celestial bed

At that time I pass only with my thoughts
Across the gate of the millenial forest
Only dark centenary trees are my witnesses
In my heartbreak, in my loneliness

For evermore I wander further in my lonesomeness
All my tears are wept in my everlasting sadness
Show me the way that leads into eternity
And that is far more acceptable than time-propinquity

In the absolute calm I can only hear my footfall
Besides the silent rustle of the dry grass
What by the morning grows and by the evening dies
To show me the way to new adventures
To show me the way to you, Diva
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