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Lyrics to District Of Misery
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We are the antidote and also the disease. We're the oppressors who posses marks of the beast. Mankind deserves this. A catalyst for deconstruction. A scapegoat to hold humanity on its knees. A self-inflicted social anarchy to frighten the population into submission. Intricate color schemes on TV hypnotize them while they sleep, and from behind the scenes inject a fatal dose of misery. So let these structures fall. As buildings crumble, watch this metropolis transform to ruins. We have no sympathy. Victims lungs overflown with debris, their fractured bones exposed, lacerated is their skin. This is a demonstration in the clout of government: Failure to conform equals destruction. At the end of this world we hold all the answers. At the end of this world you'll posses only misery

(Thanks to josh mosh for these lyrics)

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