Lyrics to Distant Signs
Distant Signs Video:
Prophecies from a time long since past
Days of peace much too good to last
Preachers speak of an eternal hell
In a lake of fire we dwell...we will dwell!

Books have been written of a madman's rise
Hitler's reign led to millions demise
Prophets spoke of a third world war
A rage of nations never seen before

Plagues to hate unknown to man
While many find the promised land
Others burn in the abyss
No one can imagine this
In ancient times kings spoke the words
The prophets spoke of things unheard
Now their dreams are coming true
Is this the end for me and you?

See our future land in our leader's hands
Deny us our demands
See what we're becoming
Age of decay is showing
Distant signs of sorrow

Distant signs of sorrow...
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