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Lyrics to Distant Memories
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The dark skies hang over our heads
In the shadows of towers we dance,
Oblivious as the earth suffocates under the heels of human advance
And with each step forward we forge a path we'll live to regret
The children of your children will inherit the weight of our debts

We used to run beneath the sky as one complete with the stars at night
Now held captive in these cities, working ourselves to death
Addictions help us cope with pain
Numb yourself enough to sustain
All this death in the name of progress

Those simple times when we knew peace slip through the cracks as distant memories...

Tell me what have we gained
Lives of luxury? Hearts plagued with pain?
Invest your hopes in technology till there's nothing left
Barren wastelands and bankrupt souls - the legacies that we uphold
So much waste in the name of freedom

Nevermind the laws of nature, we obey supply and demand
As man becomes machine, and the land - commodity,
Our existence wanes between complete collapse
And the desperate hope that we may...reconnect
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