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Lyrics to Distanced By Dissonance
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The skies deny me of my fate
Again I try, but I fade
Events have passed, unfinished deeds
Ive come back, I cant rest.

Die, my love no more.
My hands are red with the blood of my other half
And we can not meet til I breathe my last breath.
The pain of your pale, drained face. My god
I cant sleep
I await eternity alone without a soul
Watching the second hand tick as my skin wrinkles, as I grow old
Nulling emotions and chilling thoughts of what happened on that night
This will not be done til all the things Ive done are made right.

I will see you at the gates where you burn
Untamed fires
They reign
They will burn the flesh off of your bones.
Your boundless misery awaits.

I must do something not of this life,
But in the next [life] impulsive actions lead to bad reactions,
But still my heart points to black

Rid his body
of the memory
Wipe clean the soul
Flesh has no hold.

Place the feet of the deceased upon the steps of dark halls
And let the black fill him until his light engulfs the walls.
Rise once more, your life in torment

No remorse, my life you took.
Ravaged corpse, one last look.
Haunting disgust, endless bigotry
Your betrayal will not go unpunished.

Lost hold of life, but love keeps me with you
A blissful glare in a lifeless world
A warm glimpse of your interior form
A rush of thoughts trace back to where I belong.
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