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Lyrics to Disney's Ice Parade
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You left your notes on lesbian sex
On the fishtank in the hall
It took me all afternoon
To read them all

I learned more in that day
Than I've ever learned before
I don't think you and I
Should go clubbing anymore

Last night your mother called to say
Your father's run away
With the man who plays the polar bear
In Disney's Ice Parade

She says don't worry she's okay
She hated ice-dance anyway
And now she'll have more time alone
To drink her days away
Drink her days away

Doesn't need anyone to help her
She's okay

Now I've come home again
To find you in a sticky mess
We won't get our deposit back
If you carry on like this
So put away your whips and chains
They couldn't hold me anyway
It's the space between your shoulder blades
That makes me want to stay

And I'm okay
I don't need anyone to help me

And now we retreat to the kitchen I'll make you some tea
You tell me when you were young you thought there would be
Something more glorious for you to be
And I say glorious?
What could be more glorious than you and me

And so your father's run away
Your mother's in a drunken haze
Doesn't mean that you and I can't make it anyway
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