Disneyland Can Wait Lyrics

Boyd Rice

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Lyrics to Disneyland Can Wait
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I'll take you to Disneyland

I'll take you to Disneyland
We'll go on Mr. Toad's wild ride
And follow him straight to hell
But that's not necessary just now
For now hell's all around us
No rubber devils
No smell of sulphur
But hell nonetheless
Hell more grotesque than any medieval woodcut
Instead of dramatic demons
A lifeless, shuffling horde
Without souls
Without imagination
Without worth
And beyond redemption

Someday I'll take you to Disneyland
I'll buy you a pair of mouse ears
Tons of cotton candy
And a big helium balloon with Mickey inside
But all that can wait
Today I'll buy you a .357 magnum
And lots and lots of bullets
I'll buy you a stack of AK-47s
And a warehouse filled with banana clips
All loaded and ready to go
I'll buy you a B-52
Loaded with neutron bombs
And lots of soldiers
To do whatever's necessary

Disneyland can wait
We have time
Someday there'll be more of us
Maybe then the world can be Disneyland
And visiting hell will be novel again
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