Lyrics to Disillusioned
Disillusioned Video:
dress me up in your lost youth
look but never touch the truth
what we did today they'd never be proud of
never count on my regret
what you ee is what you get
think i need some time alone
wasn't thinking now i am
time to think the master plan
what we thought today they'd never be proud of
my brain's collapsed and i can't think
think i need another drink
seems i'm not all i'm cracked up to be
why the look of such surprise?
you seem expectant in your eyes
oh you're counting on me
well i think i need more
time for me to work this out
i've almost got it figured
believe what you want to believe you rely
begging grasping wanted more
said some things been said before
what i said today you'd never be proud of
do i make it make the grain?
do i live up to all your claims?
one down, more to go and i don't mind
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