Dishonest Don Part Ii Lyrics

Les Savy Fav

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Lyrics to Dishonest Don Part Ii
Dishonest Don Part Ii Video:
This This is on.
Is this on?
Dis-Dishonest Don
is now gone.
You Know that isn't really true,
The band makes up history
for you.
You know this isn't really on,
Hit the switch and everybody's

They're feeding us daily,
Dairy and wine,
Crammed in a doll's house
With parsley, sage, rosemary,
And thyme.
We¹re praying to Mary,
On the white line,
Hoping she'll take us back
For the very last time.

You get out of bed,
And put on your shoes,
You're tired of them,
But they're not through with you.
We're guessing on tests.
Who knows what to do?
When the scientist said it
We knew it was true.
You're born and you're red,
You're dead and you're blue
You're green at 19
And grey at 22.

Skating on the interstate-
We'd like to stay that way
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