Lyrics to Disco Ball
Disco Ball Video:
boy she really,

loved that disco ball
as i touched it,
didn't think it'd fall
before i knew it,
all the kids around
punched, kicked and smashed
it to the ground

oh come on now
its just a disco ball
made of cardboard and glass
besides your really
gonna hurt your hands
if you kick my ass

still trying to reason with her,
i broke her grip
running and laughing,
gave her the slip
climbing over a wall,
last thing i had to do
suddenly i stop,
she has my shoe

kick my ass

fingers bleeding, awfully bad
looked at martha
she was really mad
steam was coming out of her ears
snot was coming out of her nose
when i thought i slipped away i heard
her say your gonna pay

like the disco ball,
she smashed me to the ground
now she's sitting on my chest
she's slapping me around
first a punch in the gut
sock in the nose
now i notice she's really pissed
she ripped her pantyhose

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