Lyrics to Dis Morning
Dis Morning Video:
Ay dis morin
I jump up
Smellin like morin
But I'm fuck up
Threw on my gucci
And my bag
And my flag
Bitch I got swag
Now a nigga rollin
And I'm coastin
Dis fat ass pack dat I'm smokin
Smoke is so poten
I'm chokin
But I'm focused

Well hold up
Who dat nigga there he foreal
The shit I'm blowin look like it just came off the field
I got a habbit cause I like the way it make me feel
And u don't want no try me cause lil shawty keep that steel
And I ain't with that drama
That's what them desert eagles for
Put this on my momma
U niggas can't see me foe
Waitin on my cd
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