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Nate Dogg

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Lyrics to Dirty Ho's Draw
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[Daryl]Kevin, this is Daryl from Long Beachman uh, I was wondering if you could uh, play a song for meme and my lady goin through a few thangs, seeand I'm not feelin very well right now[Kevin]Yeah, I hear ya, I know how you feelI've been there, hell we've all been thereFor you and all you playaz who got bumped off the playin fieldThis is the song for you187.4 on your FM dizzal, WBALLZ(Chorus x4)A dirty ho's drawlsThat was the cause of it allPimpin hustlin playin hoes is all I knowWith my homeys on the mash and a pocket full of cashwhat more can a nigga ask forwith my strap in my lap and my niggaz back to backa muthafucka didn't wanna see methen along came his girl, finest woman in the worldthat broad been to my knees(Chorus x4)A dirty ho's drawlsThat was the cause of it all(Now I, dont trust no hoeAnd do you, know thats how it goes)I never thought you were the onethat would try to get a nigga like Ms Spunk(Chorus x4)A dirty ho's drawlsThat was the cause of it allI know you're all in big ones from the startI really didn't need to, play your heartBut you still have the good looks, DPG bloodyou're the only one that, I love (x3)Make me wanna climb up DPGmake me wanna moan make me wanna scream[Big Pimpin Delemond]See as I say it, something about the power of the pussyIt even breaks gangstaz downBitch tricked me out of my playaz license(Chorus x4)A dirty hoe's drawls That was the cause of it all (Bridge plays to fade)I'll get over youI gotta get over youBefore I've been a foolI gotta get over you(Dirty ho's drawls)

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