Lyrics to Dirty Feet
Dirty Feet Video:
Oh, I got Dirty Feet
I can't get them clean.
I got Dirty Feet
If you know what I mean
I been too long
Scufflin' in the dirty street
I come away with Dirty Feet.

I got Dirty Feet
And I ain't proud of 'em.
Dirty Feet But I can't
Step out of 'em.
I might mess up your
Nice clean sheets, Pretty Baby,
With my Dirty Feet.

Got Dirty Feet
From livin' like I'm livin'.
Got Dirty Feet
From takin' what's been given.
You got a mind that's tender and sweet,
And I'm a stranger with Dirty Feet.

I got Dirty Feet.
Too late to rub it off.
Dirty Feet.
Too deep to scrub it off.
But baby, you know you'll be incomplete
Without my Dirty Feet.

I got Dirty Feet
They can't go back.
I got Dirty Feet.
They left dirty tracks,
And I'm lookin' for a place
Where I won't get no heat
On account of my Dirty Feet.

I got big Dirty Feet.
They're still growin'
Got Dirty Feet.
And they keep me goin'
If the earth had a heart, I could feel it beat
Through the bottom of my Dirty Feet.
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