Lyrics to Dino Battle
Dino Battle Video:
(God creates dinosaurs, God destroys Dinosaurs, God creates men, Men destroys god, men creates dinosaurs
Dinosaurs eat man...women inherits the world)

Shes got temper like a dinosaur
But a hot body and more
She'll try to neautralize me
with a third base time scheme

We can't see what we have planned (all along now)
she'll hang me by the neck (these scars wont let me forget)
demand I
stay true, but baby maybe its just you
i try to get away i varely rattle
you pull me in with leverage, this is a dinosaur battle

this is more than body language
your hips move how could i not take this?
sometimes I forget who you are
just for one night in your car
uhg i wish you'd let up
while we fog your windows up

And we could be, everything I see now baby
But this only comes to me when your on your knees

And baby please
Get off your knees (for once)
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