Dimwa Depenga Lyrics


Omnimantia - EP

Lyrics to Dimwa Depenga
Dimwa Depenga Video:
Anokquz jechovog bakug cho deaxchave,
Dibuq gerunghowtheran bagngalsen toterytts!
Culukeh mukada dicom mangeif achichjech acua.

Dimwa depenga

Chaziter utok foddabwith
Deggot fach fiacopa bhismwaha
ongothawas harbebeden phengwey nowing'ng.

Dimwa depenga

Oloatirve uchispay aluhalen cho najoqaen
sonpebreith chindetser hocid qyopal zatech.


Beam Faceless

Banish with laughter, idiot wyrd of excrement.
Doom away, musical Nightgaunts!
Beautiful slime, see widdershins like inorganic.

Beam faceless

Coincidence almost invariably stochastic.
Today we penetrate aether whichever
vortex leaping toward multiversum.

Beam faceless

Make likely offering of polygonal seas
underneath midnight illuminating happiness
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