Lyrics to Dimes
Akachi on the beat, lil' bitch

Fuck what they said, I said I’m hot
Yeah, I'm cocky, I need 8 bitch
Pulled up Walmart, I need Ziplocks
My bitch tip-top shape in the crop-top
Plus we in the Benz, and you bet it's a droptop
Oh my, oh no, need more polo
Pulled up, Macy’s, I shop too much, uh
Nike white socks, lil' black, check on
Nike black socks, lil' white. check out
Check out my new check
That's 10 times 10 what yours is then add 4 bands
My shit too much, fuck this, I'ma need a lot more
I'ma need the top off, I'ma need the head then it's Uber
I don’t drop off
Hotter then a naked bitch lickin’ up hot sauce
I'ma buy a Benz, then i’ll crash it in a lake, shit
I don't punch in, gotta rap, one take shit
Messed up, run that back, no need to
Robot butler, R2D2, uh
One breath, no cap, all that, yeah, niggas really wanna do that
Never like Joey, pockets gettin' doughy
Bitches wanna know me, some niggas talk, look
Rollie lookin' snowy, young doldier
Bitches wanna skull me, come over
I don’t wanna fuck though, just kiss, nah
I don't wanna kiss you, lick dick, bitch
Rude, these bitches callin' me rude
I don't give a fuck 'bout you, boo
I don't give a fuck 'bout your crew
I'm finna fuck on them too
These bitches callin' me Dad
We finna have a good time
Joey be gettin' them mad
Joey be switchin' the flow
He got like infinite rhymes
Niggas we came from the porch
I used to be flippin' them dimes, over

Akachi on the beat, lil' bitch
Red lean look like Clifford