Digging My Heels In Lyrics

Tim Daniel

Putting It To Bed

Lyrics to Digging My Heels In
Digging My Heels In Video:
Hand in hand in the local pub, all reports suggest we're looking good
And I agree entirely that something deep inside of me's still reaching
For one last trophy in the cabinet
Or a train I haven't spotted yet
One more night that I would never forget

Already the pressure's on
Confusion inside
The battle's won then lost
I guess I'll have to pay the cost

Now I feel like I'm yet to swim
When do we stop reaching
I try, as hard as I try I'm failing
Still digging my heels in

We talk of weddings and christenings
As we look at so and so's diamond ring
Oh help me..... please,
It feels like everyone I know is beating me to the post
But it's ok, it's alright
But don't put me down as a pessimist
I believe in all that marriage bliss
I'll give her all a man could give

They're putting the pressure on
When they used to say to walk before you run
That's just exactly what I've done


I really hope that someday soon
Though our watches don't quite synchronise
One day we'll meet on time
We'll pull through
It's just if get to seventy-five
I wanna look back on my life with a boy's smile

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