Digested In A Matter Of Grotesque Macabre Lyrics


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Lyrics to Digested In A Matter Of Grotesque Macabre
Someone send me to Hell
Because we both know it's half way better than this
Someone end my life
So I can forever leave this place of disgust and filth

Numbers and numbers are murdered everyday
Thousands and thousands taken before they can breathe
A murder is a murder
A life is a life
Someone end this

Someone break this curse

While i'm suffocating in my own madness
The air is no longer pure, blood and vain soaks these streets

How can you carry on?
Doctor, doctor do you sleep at night?
My blood boils, may I be excused from this sick, morbid world?

I could get better sleep in Hell

Our daily intakes are stories of macabre
Lord, breathe this place one breath of morality

Take me, take me, take me

I have gone numb, I have gone blind
Leave me for the vultures
I have gone deaf, I have gone mute
Take me to death himself

This world is no home to me
This world has no peace for me
Day by day, week by week
These evil men will pay

Lord, take me away
End this life
Before the world consumes me
I have been digested
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