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Lyrics to Dig A Hole (feat. Sterling Simms)
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UH Dig a whole burry yourself niggah Go ahead, keep goin i got some nice dresses for you guys over there The Incomparable H.O. Chorus: Told you to get your money when you see a boss coming Thought sh*t was funny, but what, what you say now Learn how to accomplish, I done came, I done conquered Now what?s that you talking bout, we gonna see now Dig a hole Dig a hole Dig a hole Dig a hole Go ?head Dig a hole Dig a hole bury yourself Dig a hole Dig a hole Dig a hole Verse One I?m still here mon frair You know the cost I bear They like, that?s why they call you HOV I?m like yeah, I?m like Air Little shots go through me Won?t tear one tissue No tears no tissue, Not an issue Don?t cry for me I peep these ni**as from deep Got a front row seat Even if we don?t speak Silent partner I hear you loud and clear You left your fingerprint You ain?t gotta be there I?m just waiting for you to dig a hole Big enough To put your whole body in And then I?m gonna body them It?s nothing but a hobby to him Simple as serve and volley to him Ni**as is like HOV Why don?t you get it old boy Why kill a puppet And leave Geppetto alive Why not wait to catch ?em all together This way you dig one big hole one time Chorus Verse Two How is ni**as dissing me I made it possible For ni**as to make history How is this possible Please explain this sh*t to me How is it logical Have we forgotten our history Let?s open our Bibles It?s like the Disciples dissing Jesus Becoming His rivals Shunning the one thing That they owe they life to You let that man hype you To go against your idol Knowing good and goddamn well This what I do You think I?m in the office I?m off my grind That?s how kids become orphans You lost your mind I keep my enemies close I give ?em enough rope They put themselves in the air I just kick away the chair Chorus Verse Three HOV gonna get you I ain?t forget yo little disrespect No HOV daddy gonna spank you For that sh*t you said It?s hard to do When you ain?t got nothing to prove Everybody know you better But you in a lose lose Cuz even when you win Ultimately you lose Real ni**as is like Why is HOV talking to dude He sells in the 2?s Only time you went plat My chain was on your neck That?s an actual fact So I?m praying That it spills outside of the booth That?s when y?all ni**as Outside of ya truth Outside of ya league That?s not what you do Ni**as throwing Roc signs Outside of ya coupe, oh Don?t look at HOV Like he did something wrong to him Cuz he?s onto him He just took what belong to him Ni**as playing checkers With chess playing HOV This game is over, I dunno know if you know You in the hole Chorus

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